Jan 02 2023

  • Clip Studio Paint / Aseprite
  • Reference model: Blender 3.2

An illustration of (pooltoy) Nanite being pulled out of the view by (feral) Nanite. He's being dragged by the tail (in both senses, Nanite is using the tail to grab him) and has a surprised and annoyed expression. A speech bubble with 'Not Found!' (shouting) points in the direction of Nanite's head, which is not visible.

The same as the previous one, but using pixelated Game Boy aesthetics.

(Note that the pooltoy in these two is mass-produced.

Also, non-canon yada yada(Does that mean there is a canon?) .)

Content Note:

Content Note:
Biting, Popping

· "Stop looking at me like that, I told you to be more careful!"

A sketch of Nanite looking at the viewer while holding a can of vinyl cement in the mouth. He's crying in a cartoonish way. There are no trademarks on the can, but those in the know may recognize the brand.

· "Ok, ok, I'll fix it. Give me that glue already."


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