Jun 27 2023

  • Clip Studio Paint 1.12
  • Reference model: Blender 3.2

· "So... How would Nanite behave during a photo session for, let's say, making a body pillow?" - You ask.

· Well, that depends on which one of them you have to deal with!

Two images side by side, each with a 1:3 ratio. The left side shows a blue and white leviathan laying on a bed. He's obviously uncomfortable, all flustered, with an angry look, and is biting and pulling the sheets. On the right side the same leviathan, but in pool toy form, is in the same situation yet having more fun, smiling and looking at the viewer.

· One would certainly play along. The other... Not so much.

Physical version made by
萬獸天工 - MythAnimalCreate / 黒助/始源之星 - Kurosuke_Zero

Two photos side by side, showing a real inflatable dakimakura printed with the previous images.

A work in progress version of the same image, with flat colors.

Another work in progress, a sketch with cleaned-up lineart.

A sketch of the same image.


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