Nanite Based Matter Replicator
Nanite Based Matter Replicator
Milotic (1st)


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  • Circa 2007
  • 11cm (4.3in) tall
  • Epoxy putty and acrylic paint.
Milotic ©Nintendo, Game Freak & Creatures Inc.

(Art by Ken Sugimori)

Have I ever mentioned that is actually my second try? Well, now you know!

I finished this version around 2007 (sorry, I'm a disaster when it comes to dates). It was ok but there were room for improvement, which is why on the fateful afternoon of September 14th, 2008 (thank you, 'Date taken' metadata!) I took this set of photos and started working.

Working over the original. As in this one is no more. I regret nothing!

On the remake I went for a more dynamic pose and a different mouth, which were definitely the weakest parts; I almost didn't have to touch the tail. This is a good summary of the changes:

Probably this photo makes a lot more sense now.

By the way, I still have a piece of the original neck:


♫♪ Off the record now, right? Wrap it up in tinfoil ♬ Off the record now, right? Wear it like you're paranoid ♫♪


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