Nanite Based Matter Replicator
Nanite Based Matter Replicator
Persophone Mk-T
Traditional sculpture Traditional sculpture Traditional sculpture

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  • December 2015
  • 21cm (8.2in) tall
  • Epoxy putty and acrylic paint.
Design & model ©Bruno García.

Another day, another leak! We continue with this nice trend of getting sneak peeks at products not yet at the store shelves. And we love it! We have to give credit to [...], though: They managed to keep this design a secret for quite some time.

Today we get a look on the new Persophone iteration [...]

As always: Nothing is confirmed, so take this information with a grain of salt. However this leak comes straight from n0s/ecrt, whom you may remember for leaking a lot of information about Mk2 back in 2012. This design also fits nicelly with the "Mk-T" and "Deerise" references that where found in the latest Persophone firmware revision.


♫♪ By the horizon comes The Sun ♬ So self-important on and on ♫♪


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